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Tailored Campaign Site Creation
Megaseen is easy, flexible and practical use. You simply drag and drop images to tailor the look, images and functionalities of the campaign site. Each basic campaign site includes three pages that enable you to place images and service and product information together with a built-in online registration form and 'Forward to Friends' function. There is also an option to add a pre-designed game on an additional page.

Data Collection
If you need to collect specific customer data, then you can customize an online form to obtain the information that you need. You can also run a real-time, online report to show the data that you have collected. The data can be downloaded into Excel format so that marketers can easily use the information for analysis.

Raise Brand Awareness
If you want to raise your brand profile, you can distribute coupons and quantify the number of coupons that have been printed out and downloaded. You can view the page visits, the number of users who played the games and how interactive it was between the user and the campaign site.

Viral Marketing
If you want to create a widespread network focused on your brand, Megaseen enables the user to include a 'Forward to Friends' function. You may choose to design a campaign site that entitles a coupon to be received after the user has forwarded the site to friends. The marketer has access to an online report that shows both the sender's name and email and the recipient's name and email. Users can also share the campaign site through Facebook and become a fan.